Survey on LGBTQ Conversation

March 7th, 2016 by Samuel Jackson


Throughout the Fall semester, SGA Senators Jacob Keeth, Endless Anderson, and Hannah Hoffman have met routinely with the dean of students, Mr. Danny Paschall to discuss current student issues here at Biola.  Within this time, they all agreed that there is significant tension and confusion surrounding the topic of human sexuality.

As our culture at large and those within the Christian community express and articulate divergent viewpoints surrounding sexuality, and as some Christians are beginning to open up about their own experience of same-sex attraction, we are met with the reality that this conversation directly affects brothers and sisters in Christ.  In order to aid SGA and Biola Administration in better engaging students over this topic, a survey has been created to gather student opinions.  It is the hope of SGA that this survey will bring a better understanding of where students stand on this issue, how it affects them personally, as well as how it effects their loved ones.

If you or a friend would like to seek further conversation on this issue within a safe enviroment, the student-run group “NakID Ministries” is here to help  You can find more information on the group at  This website also contains a "safe list" of students and faculty who will meet one on one with students who are experiencing same-sex attraction.

As Dr. Corey stated in an article published by the Chimes, “When it comes to human sexuality, it is time for more conversations and not fewer, more thoughtful dialogue and less thoughtless comments. It is time to listen in ways that shape our understanding.”

While SGA strives to better represent every student on campus and bring justice to those who feel misunderstood, our goal is to always let our words and actions be shaped by Christ.  It is our hope that as a student body we might continue to take actions that are like Dr. Corey said, “full of grace and truth, not half of each.”

The survey discussed above may be found at the following link:

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