SGA Update 2017

September 11th, 2017 by Lauren Peterson

What is SGA and what does it even do? Sometimes understanding the role of Student Government and how it directly impacts you can be confusing. In SGA, we believe that you are the conduit for lasting transformation on the Biola campus. Your voice matters! We are here as a resource to help you create a better Biola. To accomplish this, we have (1) PAC partnerships (2) Open Proposals (3) SGA Hour.

     pac partnership 


The second way we can serve you is by open proposals. Open proposals are for students like you who have great ideas! These students are able to present their initiatives and event proposals to be funded by SGA. Here are some of the student initiatives and internal proposals that Senate has funded this year:

Student Initiatives


The third way we serve the student body is through interacting personally with the Biola community. This year SGA transitioned from the traditional method of “rounds” to SGA Hour. So, instead of your senator randomly showing up at your door, we wanted to give you a weekly opportunity to engage with your senator on your own terms. Every Sunday at 9 pm, your senator is available in the dorm lobbies, or in front of Commons for off-campus commuters. We utilize these three avenues to make sure your voice is heard. With your input and ideas, SGA is able to better represent you and the changes that you think need to be made on the Biola Campus. The result: the Biola of your dreams. Wow! You have a lot of power, can I get your autograph?Here are just some of the things SGA has been able to accomplish on your behalf:

Accomplished Fall 2016

  • Passed numerous student proposals as mentioned above

  • Implemented Student Union Building renovations

  • Replaced laundry machine card reader and vanity mirrors in Hart

  • Changed cafeteria hours based on student feedback

  • Implemented new food selections in cafes across campus

  • Drafted the new SGA Handbook for future leaders

  • Worked in conjunction with SPA to allocate funding for clubs on campus

  • Started the First Year Intern Program

  • Put together a system of FAQ to be a resource for senators

  • Created and distributed “Go Cards”

  • Solidified new procedures internally in Senate and implemented constitutional amendments

  • Drafted a formal plan of operation for Deck the Haven for future leaders

  • Secured new recycling bins for the La Mirada Apartments

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